Geena's Platform

My platform is informed by my lived experience, my progressive values, my involvement as a union member and public school teacher, and my belief that every single one of us benefits when we make smart investments in our communities.

Some in the Senate have made short-sighted decisions that have led to long-term costs, and East Siders across the income spectrum are paying for those mistakes. As a Senator, I will cast every vote by examining the value and cost my decision will bring to our state in the coming decade, not in the coming election cycle.

This is what I stand for.

  • Substantially reduce housing emissions by retrofitting energy-inefficient homes
  • Transition to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible while protecting our fisheries and forests
  • Build safer, quieter streets and bike infrastructure that people of all ages and abilities can use, like the Pedestrian Bridge and the East Bay Bike Path
  • Create jobs replacing lead pipes, abating lead paint, and cleaning up cancer-causing pollution in the Port of Providence
  • Invest in fast, frequent, accessible public transit that is reliable and actually useful
  • Create an Agriculture Bureau so Rhode Island can grow healthy, local food and reduce shipping emissions
  • Prepare for risings seas and coming storms by building shoreline defenses and strengthening our critical infrastructure
  • Pass a constitutional amendment guaranteeing children the right to quality public education, like Massachusetts did
  • Make sure teachers in Providence don’t have to re-apply every year for their existing positions
  • Retain good teachers, especially teachers of color, through a promise program funded by federal grants
  • Ensure every student can learn in a safe, clean, healthy classroom by fixing our neglected school buildings instead of paying for short-term bandaids that cost more in the long run
  • Return care of our city’s school system to the families and teachers of Providence through the elected school board. Unaccountable consultants should not control our tax money or our children’s futures
  • Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Require the safe storage of all guns and close permitting loopholes
  • Invest in after-school programs and create opportunities for young people
  • Refuse to support NRA-funded Senators for leadership positions
  • Repeal LEOBOR, the law that prevents all accountability for police brutality and misconduct
  • Legalize cannabis for adult use, expunge all cannabis convictions, and reinvest tax revenues into our state and the communities that were targeted by the War on Drugs
  • Shut down the Wyatt (the ICE facility in Central Falls) and ban private prisons, which have an enormous monetary incentive to promote recidivism instead of rehabilitation
  • Fund job training, counseling, and post-incarceration support by reducing absurdly long minimum sentences
  • Ensure our schools prepare students for successful, fulfilling careers across a range of professional and technical fields
  • Remodel school policies to prioritize the intervention of trained counselors over police officers
  • Provide a distance learning option for any student or families that needs it, while the pandemic is ongoing
  • Establish unarmed response teams for mental health crises and diversify public responses to emergencies so that responders can do the jobs they were trained to do
  • Build green, affordable housing that is integrated into our communities to house our neighbors who have been squeezed out of their homes by the pandemic and skyrocketing housing costs
  • Exclude all public schools from any cooperation with ICE
  • Remove restrictions around biased counseling, waiting periods before abortions, and access to emergency contraceptives.
  • Require that public and private insurance plans fully cover abortion and reproductive healthcare.
  • Ensure young people with non-traditional family situations have access to safe, legal abortions.
  • Protect abortion clinic workers and patients from harassment and violence.
  • A CPI-pegged $15 minimum wage for all workers
  • Single-payer healthcare for Rhode Island
  • A fair tax policy where everyone pays the same portion of their income in taxes
  • A constitutional amendment for LGBTQ+ equality
  • Driver’s licenses for undocumented Rhode Islanders

You may have noticed that my policy goals are all connected by the values of safety, opportunity, and justice. No challenge we face exists in isolation. Good schools, ending gun violence and racial justice go hand in hand; as do stopping climate change, creating good paying jobs, and growing healthy, local food; as do reproductive rights, access to healthcare, and remediating lead pipes and paint.

To learn about my life’s journey and why I believe what I do, I encourage you to read my story.

If you have any questions about my policies or want to talk about something you don’t see listed here, please reach out. I want to hear about what you think is important.